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Its effects, which can be soothing or energizing, could reduce nervous excitability, relieve stress-related conditions (including back pain, migraine, exhaustion and insomnia), increase blood and lymphatic circulation and lead to a state of general well-being.  There are times when it is better to stop and ask yourself if it is appropriate to receive a massage. If there are any doubts, please check with your doctor.

A relaxing and revitalizing massage with sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil and green clay. This combination stimulates circulation while transmitting the properties of green clay and its minerals.

Our face is a mirror of ourselves. It reflects our state of mind. When fatigue is present, our face is immediately marked by tension.

Our hands contain many nerve endings that are constantly in communication with our brain. Through touch, they are always in touch with the surroundings.

The laminar algae foot massage with white clay, sweet almond oil and essential oils is a soothing and comforting massage that provides a feeling of prolonged freshness and well-deserved relaxation.

The Cayce Reilly massage has exceptional relaxing faculties because it manages to soften muscle tissue. This is achieved by practicing both gentle and light massage movements while deeply massaging the muscle tissue. It ends up producing a sensation of absolute and well-being.

Combine the power of the comforting warmth of hot stones with the relaxation and comfort of the Cayce Reilly massage. The hot stones, placed on the sheets, will allow a moment of letting-go to enjoy the relaxing benefits of their warmth after receiving a relaxing massage. 

Enjoy a happy combination between the Cayce Reilly relaxation massage and "Chocolate Delights" massaging oil.
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    Energy Healing aims to harmonize your dody vital energy and to maintain or to improve health. When the body's energy and mind-body connection is strengthed, you take advantage of the natural self-healing energies present in every human being. 

    The metamorphic massage principle is to reconnect the individual to his or her prenatal period, thanks to a massage on the feet, hands and head.

    Polarity therapy is the art and science of balancing vital energy in the body.

    La Technique Raindrop® a été développée par le fondateur et chef de la direction de Young Living, Donald Gary Young dans les années 1980.  Il s’est inspiré de son expérience avec les traditions amérindiennes de la tribu Lakota.

    The word Reiki is divided into two syllables: "Rei", which refers to the universal energy, and "ki", which represents the life force that flows in all things.

    In the context of pregnancy, childbirth and the months following the baby's birth, Reiki can bring several benefits, including comfort and inner calm.
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      Do not resist the temptation and indulge yourself! Everything will be put in place to make you live a relaxation moment. They are designed to make you discover, in duo, the different treatments offered. The packages are perfect combinations that will allow you to relax and let go. In addition, they are a good way to replenish energy and vitality. By taking care of yourself, you allow the energy to flow freely throughout your physical body.

      Earth polarity soothes the nervous system and promotes oneself anchoring in life. The metamorphic massage reconnects the individual to his pre-natal strength.

      Earth polarity soothes the nervous system and promotes oneself anchoring in life. Back massage with essential oils stimulates relaxation and promotes the increase of white blood cells and neutrophils, immune cells.

      The ionic spa has a detoxifying effect on the body. The anti-stress massage will bring softness and relaxation to the muscles of the neck, head and shoulders.

      The ionic spa has a detoxifying effect on the body. The feet massage with white clay and laminar seaweed comforts the body and soothes tensions.

      Shoulders, neck, head, face and back massage is a good way to regain or improve sleep.ionic spa has a detoxifying effect on the body. The Raindrop® technique is practiced using a serie of essential oils that facilitate sleep and calm. The essential oils are placed, one after other, like raindrops along the spine.

      Back massage with essential oils stimulates relaxation and promotes the increase of white blood cells and neutrophils, immune cells. Reiki strengthens the immune system, relieves pain, stress and increases self-confidence.

      Back massage with essential oils stimulates relaxation and promotes the increase of white blood cells and neutrophils, immune cells. The feet massage with white clay and laminar seaweed comforts the body and soothes tensions.
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      Ionic detoxification is a foot bath of slightly saline water in which two electrodes are introduced in the form of a coil (array). The two electrodes work alternately producing a low voltage electric current. The generated current produces an ionic flux in the water. To close the electrical circuit between the two electrodes and carry out an electrolysis system, we need a saline water.

      These electrodes are embedded in a coil. Once connected to a DC source, the electrodes - one of positive polarity (anode), and the other of negative polarity (cathode) are immersed in saline solution. The water contained in the water basin then becomes an extension of your body water, your body is composed of 70% water. This liquid contains salts making it able to conduct electricity throughout the body.

      Use if you are a regular smoker, live in a city and are subject to pollution, use a lot of transportation (2 hours or more per day), drink a lot of coffee, tea, consume sugary drinks, are often in stressful situations, have the feeling of chronic fatigue, have concentration problems, are subject to heartburn, have recurrent migraines, have bad blood circulation or feel joint pain.

      Don't use if you are using medication to regulate heart rhythm, you are using medication for epilepsy, psychosis, have received a transplant or had an organ removed, have a pacemaker or other electrical implant, have open wounds on limbs to be submerged, have had the colon removed, you are a pregnant or breastfeeding.
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      Bach Flowers

      "Heal thyself" - "heal yourself". Edward Bach calls on oneself responsibility: every human being carries within the forces of self-healing. The Bach floral quintessence give subtle impulses; they transmit information of a specific high frequency that stimulates self-healing forces.
      The disease is neither cruelty nor punishment; it is in all and for all a corrective which our soul uses to point out our defects, to prevent us from greater errors, to prevent us from causing even more damage - and to bring us back to the path of truth and the light that we would never have to leave.

      Each elixir is associated with a basic emotion. For example, Mimulus is the floral quintessence for the person who lives fears, in all its forms, but always for specific reasons: fear of noise, fear of flying, etc. Taking Mimulus helps to overcome fear and allows them to face fear with courage.

      Dr. Bach used a metaphor to describe how remedies work. He said: "They are capable, like beautiful music, or anything else gloriously uplifting that gives us inspiration, to elevate our deep nature, bring us closer to our soul and thereby even, to bring us peace."

      A standard 30 ml mixing bottle lasts up to three weeks of regular use. It will contain between one and seven remedies (depending on what you decide you need) diluted into water. A preservative (usually a teaspoon of alcohol or apple cider vinegar) is often added to help keep the contents fresh.

      Taking a blend of Bach flowers sometimes brings other things and, for a while, some people feel subjectively worse than before. Cleansing emotions is like raking last year leaves from a pond. The water will be clearer at the end, but initially it looks dirtier.

      For a custom blend, complete the form by pressing HERE.
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