Do not resist the temptation and indulge yourself! Everything will be put in place to make you live a relaxation moment. They are designed to make you discover, in duo, the different treatments offered. The packages are perfect combinations that will allow you to relax and let go. In addition, they are a good way to replenish energy and vitality. By taking care of yourself, you allow the energy to flow freely throughout your physical body.

Shoulders, neck, head, face and back massage is a good way to regain or improve sleep. The Cayce Reilly relaxation massage helps to releases nervous tension, relieves sensitive muscles and activate circulation.

The blend prepared for this massage is made up of soft organic vegetable oil and essential oils that allow you to let go of everyday life while allowing you to let go of tension and promote muscle relaxation.

To enhance the relaxing effect of the massage, hot stones are placed on the palms of the hands, between the toes and on the popliteal fossa, the hollow area just behind the bones forming the knee joint. The warmth of the hot stones is an important tension reliever. This helps to combat the stress of everyday life and to find inner harmony.

The Raindrop® technique, modified for this package, is practiced using a serie of organic essential oils that facilitate sleep and calm. The essential oils are placed, one after other, like raindrops along the spine. The effleurage movements, sweeping (feather stroking), allow the distribution of essential oils along the spine and on the back in order to contribute to find inner calm.