The packages allow you to discover two treatments in one. They will allow you to relax and take the time to entertain. In addition, they are a good way to replenish your energy and vitality.

Polarity therapy is the art and science of balancing vital energy in the body. This approach is a synthesis of three traditional medicines (Chinese, Egyptian and Ayurvedic) and was developed by Dr. Randolf Stone. Its fundamental purpose is to allow the vital energy to flow freely in the body. Its action proves both preventive and curative since the restoration of energy balance helps the proper functioning of the human body.

It helps to raise awareness of the whole body. It is an asset for health management. Polarity sets in motion the mechanisms of the body to free the head and change moods, etc.

The polarity care takes place in a quiet, clean and well ventilated place. If the person wants it, the therapist can put soft music. The work is usually done on a massage table for comfort and the person stays dressed.

The therapist always places both hands (the touches are very soft contacts on the body), one on a negative pole and the other on a positive or neutral pole. He waits for the energy to start moving again and when the vital flow is flowing normally he goes to the next position.

The Metamorphic Massage, created by the British Robert St John in 1960, works in depth on a structure of time: that of the gestation period.

The metamorphic principle is to reconnect the individual to his prenatal period, through a massage on the feet, hands and head, at the places of correspondence of the reflex points of the spine. He thus finds the life force essential to the work during gestation; energy blockages can be lifted and the potential for self-healing updated. The originality of this approach is that the practitioner does not have a directive attitude towards the patient, nor the energy; it is neutral. The practitioner is only a catalyst for the vital energy of the individual. 

By reconnecting with our prenatal period and working physically and subtly plans, the Metamorphic massage aims to "cleanse" us of our old memories, of our history, of what has shaped our personality and has blocked us to the point of sometimes become sick. Everyone, from children with sleep disorders to seniors to those who suffer from chronic pain or heartache can benefit from this special massage. 

The massage itself is composed of light touch on the feet, hands and head. The movements of the therapist are very gentle and can sometimes be oriented in the subtle planes.