In the current climate of Covid-19, it is important to ensure the health and safety of our community. To limit the spread of the coronavirus, a health standards protocol has been implemented by the CNESST and the INSPQ (Institut national de santé publique du Québec).  Do not worry; you will receive the same excellence of treatment from me!  Updates will be made regularly on this page.  Latest update: April 27th 2021

  • don’t show any symptoms associated with Covid-19 (runny nose, cough, fever, sore throat or headache, difficulty breathing and loss of smell and taste); 
  • are not diagnosed with COVID-19 or waiting for results; 
  • were not in contact with a confirmed or a suspected case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days; 
  • were not travelling outside the region in the past 14 days.
Appointments will be spaced to give me time to disinfect equipment and properly ventilate the work area. Handshakes and hugs should be avoided.  Between each client, I will perform a change of uniform, procedure mask and safety glasses.

If necessary, you will be informed, as soon as you plan your appointment, not to present yourself to your appointment if you have symptoms similar to Covid-19. The day before your next appointment, I will check in with you to see if there are any changes in your health. If there are symptoms similar to Covid-19 on the day of your appointment, please call me and we will schedule another appointment to a later date. HEALTH MATTERS...

If you need someone to accompany you, limit the presence of that person to only those situations that require it. Otherwise, this person can go for a drive and pick you up at a determined time.

You will notice that I have a different look. I will be wearing a uniform, lab coat (optional), a procedure mask and safety glasses. Don’t be afraid! Underneath, it’s always the same smiling Roger you’re used to seeing.  Upon your arrival for your appointment I will verify your health status.  If essential, an accompanying person is allowed.
UPON YOUR ARRIVAL I will inform you of the preventive measures to follow:
  • a reserved area for your shoes;
  • hooks for your coat;
  • a tray will be available in the treatment room for your personal belongings;
  • wearing washable slippers, which I will provide, is recommended;
  • disinfecting your hands with a hand sanitizer gel;
  • It is required that a procedural mask should be worn by the client receiving a treatment.  One will be givin to you upon your arrival.  It may be removed in exceptional circumstances: when the client is lying on his or her stomach on the massage table or during the period of the treatment that requires its removal.;
  • cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze (elbow crease, upper arm or use a disposable tissue);
  • do not open the doors except for the bathroom and do not touch the switches (if yes, mention it to me);
  • and we’ll go straight to the massage room.
A towel will be placed on the sink.  After use, you will place it in a basket.

When we are in the massage room, we will take a few minutes to define your needs before proceeding with the treatment itself;

During maneuvers that require being close to the respiratory zone, I will wear a visor to provide additional protection. If the outside temperature permits, the windows will be opened to allow for good ventilation of the room.

  • We will always have a moment to talk;
  • If you have received a massage, afterwards I will request that you to tell me when you are dressed so that I can open the door, always with the aim of limiting contact;
  • Before leaving, you will place the slippers in a basket.  I will dispose of the slippers for you.;
  • Once again you will disinfect your hands with sanitizer gel;
  • I will open and close the door for you.
I will clean and disinfect all the equipment used during your visit: massage table, headrest, face rest, chair, footstool, hook, hanger and all the additional accessories used (hot stones, bolster, cushions, case, oil bottle, etc.) Sheets, blankets and towels will be transported out of the room and washed in hot soapy water. I will make sure to clean and disinfect the bathroom, faucets, door handle, etc.

Until your next appointment, good health and looking forward in seeing you again!