Born in New Brunswick, I now live in an enchanting setting in Cascapedia St Jules.  Cascapedia St Jules is near New Richmond, in the Bay of Chaleur. Nature is very present and it promotes calmness, inner tranquility and helps to find inner balance within.

Most of my career was in teaching. In 2003 till 2013, I was working for the René-Lévesque school board as a substitute teacher.  Previously, I was working for the District 5 school board, northern New Brunswick, as a substitute teacher.  During the weekends and on my spare time, I was practicing Cayce Reilly massage technique and Energy Healing treatments with friends and family.

Since 2013, I decided to devote all my time to my business, Hilltop Health and Wellness, where I now practice different Energy Healing treatments and Cayce Reilly massage therapy.

My philosophy is based on the belief that everyone has this amazing capacity of self-healing within. When the person gets in touch with this inner energy, this is usually enough to engage the process of self-healing.

To support my vocation in helping others, I had the following trainings: Cayce Reilly relaxation massage, Metamorphic massage, Polarity, Reiki, Kinesiology reprogramming, Monroe Institute seminar, Bach flowers, aromatherapy, Massage In Schools Programme, Schüssler salts, meditation and Chakra healing, Oncology massage theory and Accupressure for pain relief.

During a treatment, I use HEMI-SYNC CDs to help synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain and promote relaxation of your body and mind. To contribute in the letting go, unless otherwise stated, I use essential oils to promote calm and relaxation.

I am also a member of the Association des Massothérpateutes du Québec and the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada. This allows me to issue receipts to my clients who have insurance. I am also a member of the Reiki Healing Association.