Ionic detoxification is a foot bath of slightly saline water in which two electrodes are introduced in the form of a coil (array). The two electrodes work alternately producing a low voltage electric current. The generated current produces an ionic flux in the water. To close the electrical circuit between the two electrodes and carry out an electrolysis system, we need a saline water.

These electrodes are embedded in a coil. Once connected to a DC source, the electrodes - one of positive polarity (anode), and the other of negative polarity (cathode) are immersed in saline solution. The water contained in the water basin then becomes an extension of your body water, your body is composed of 70% water. This liquid contains salts making it able to conduct electricity throughout the body.

Use if you are a regular smoker, live in a city and are subject to pollution, use a lot of transportation (2 hours or more per day), drink a lot of coffee, tea, consume sugary drinks, are often in stressful situations, have the feeling of chronic fatigue, have concentration problems, are subject to heartburn, have recurrent migraines, have bad blood circulation or feel joint pain.

Don't use if you are using medication to regulate heart rhythm, you are using medication for epilepsy, psychosis, have received a transplant or had an organ removed, have a pacemaker or other electrical implant, have open wounds on limbs to be submerged, have had the colon removed, you are a pregnant or breastfeeding.