Bach Flowers

"Heal thyself" - "heal yourself". Edward Bach calls on oneself responsibility: every human being carries within the forces of self-healing. The Bach floral quintessence give subtle impulses; they transmit information of a specific high frequency that stimulates self-healing forces.
The disease is neither cruelty nor punishment; it is in all and for all a corrective which our soul uses to point out our defects, to prevent us from greater errors, to prevent us from causing even more damage - and to bring us back to the path of truth and the light that we would never have to leave.

Each elixir is associated with a basic emotion. For example, Mimulus is the floral quintessence for the person who lives fears, in all its forms, but always for specific reasons: fear of noise, fear of flying, etc. Taking Mimulus helps to overcome fear and allows them to face fear with courage.

Dr. Bach used a metaphor to describe how remedies work. He said: "They are capable, like beautiful music, or anything else gloriously uplifting that gives us inspiration, to elevate our deep nature, bring us closer to our soul and thereby even, to bring us peace."

A standard 30 ml mixing bottle lasts up to three weeks of regular use. It will contain between one and seven remedies (depending on what you decide you need) diluted into water. A preservative (usually a teaspoon of alcohol or apple cider vinegar) is often added to help keep the contents fresh.

Taking a blend of Bach flowers sometimes brings other things and, for a while, some people feel subjectively worse than before. Cleansing emotions is like raking last year leaves from a pond. The water will be clearer at the end, but initially it looks dirtier.

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