Reiki is a simple and natural method that allows the person receiving it to access relaxation and calm. The appeasement and relaxation that Reiki energy infuses helps to alleviate the fears and anxieties that paralyze important everyday decision-making.

One of the desired effects of a Reiki treatment is to stimulate the immune system to increase the natural healing abilities of the physical body, while promoting the reduction of pain and stress.

When the client is on site, the Reiki practitioner will discuss with him to determine the purpose of the visit. Then, the client is invited to lie on the massage table, while remaining dressed. The practitioner invites the client to remove jewelry or glasses that could hinder certain movements in the head. To contribute to comfort, a pillow, cushions and blankets are available to keep the heat at the physical body level.

In order for the Reiki energy to allow the vital energy to flow freely, the Reiki practitioner places his hands above or on the client's body using soft, light touches. The Reiki practitioner uses a movement protocol that he learned during his Reiki training. At times, the Reiki practitioner may depart from the learned protocol when he feels that certain movements could contribute to the client's well-being.