In the context of pregnancy, childbirth and the months following the baby's birth, Reiki can bring many benefits, including comfort and inner calm.  The mother and baby can benefit from the beneficial flow of Reiki energy. During a Reiki treatment, on site or at a distance, this universal energy will flow and work on the mother and the bacy. Why not for dad too?

Reiki is safe for mom and baby. It is practiced by imposition of hands on the various energy centers, also called chakras. There is no massage maneuver during the Reiki treatment. The energy that Reiki gives off helps to soothe, or even eliminate, some minor ailments related to anxiety or stress, for example, insomnia problems. In addition, by easing body tension, Reiki can help the mother-to-be better manage physical changes throughout the months of pregnancy.

Generally, babies who have received Reiki care during pregnancy are easier to live with, making life more enjoyable for new parents. After pregnancy, Reiki is a good tool to help baby acclimate to his new environment.

Reiki will strengthen the relationship between mom, dad and their future baby and help strengthen that intimate bond between mom and this life growing up in her.

Reiki makes it possible to harmonize the vital energy of the physical body so that it circulates freely. In addition, Reiki promotes relaxation, which can be useful for future parents, especially if they are a little stressed.