Combine the power of the comforting warmth of hot stones with the relaxation and comfort of the Cayce Reilly massage. The hot stones placed on the sheet will allow a moment of letting go. The warmth of the hot stones will help you enjoy their relaxing benefits while receiving a relaxing massage.

The Cayce Reilly massage is unique in its form. It incorporates techniques that are similar to deep Swedish massage. It helps in letting go of the tension, relieves sensitive muscles, activates blood and lymphatic circulation and lubricates the skin effectively. Edgar Cayce believed that massage promotes the healing of the physical and emotional body.

The hot stones are carefully placed on the body of the person so that you can relax and enjoy the benefits of the heat they release. The warmth of hot stones is an important asset in easing tensions.

Enjoy a comforting and well-deserved massage with the warmth of hot stones.