Time is missing? The agenda and the do it list are full?   When there’s too much stress, the whole body suffers from all the accumulated stress. Tiredness immediately marks the face with tension, such as frowning. The facial expressions then reflect the state of mind.

The anti-stress massage offers a moment away from the worries of everyday life while promoting the relaxation of muscle tension accumulated in the neck, shoulders and face. The specially prepared blend of vegetable will help to release stress and anxiety. This blend will moisturize, nourish and soften the skin.

In order to increase the relaxing effect of the massage, hot stones are placed on the palms of the hands, between the toes and on the thighs. The heat of the hot stones is an important asset for the reduction of tensions.

The anti-stress massage will reduce the accumulated stress, relax the tense muscles and soothe the nervous system!